Techno Music Tickets

Techno Music Tickets

The development of technological possibilities towards the end of the 1970s led to the emergence of the Techno Music genre. Although most of us don't know what it is as a music genre, it is a music genre that we are all familiar with. For example, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Skrillex and Tiesto are world famous artists who produce Techno Music.
The American city of Detroit is a region that stands out with its industry and is home to many automotive factories. With the development of technology, factory workers were replaced by machines and most workers became unemployed and migrated from the city. Those who remained wanted to get away from the gloomy atmosphere of the city and spend time for themselves. One of the few places to spend time in the city was nightclubs, and instead of paying for soloists, nightclub owners started to work with DJs. DJs were trying to entertain people by mixing music according to their own minds, playing on different rhythms and producing different sounds, and over time they started to succeed. People adopted this new music genre and entertainment in most venues started to be based on this genre. Techno Music, which emerged with technology, takes its name from this.

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