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Coldplay, a British rock band, was formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London (UCL). Beginning with the name Pectoralz, the band changed its name to Starfish with the participation of bassist Guy Berryman. After Will Champion joined as drummer, backing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, the band's roster was completed. In 1998 the band changed their name to "Coldplay", after which they began recording and released three EPs: Safety in 1998, Brothers & Sisters, also released as a single in 1999, and The Blue Room in 1999. The latter was the band's first release after signing with a major label, Parlophone.

The band's worldwide popularity was achieved with the release of the single "Yellow" in 2000, followed by the release of their debut album, Parachutes, which was also nominated for a Mercury Award in the same year. X&Y captured the title of best-selling album in the world in 2005, to mostly positive reviews in the market. Produced by Brian Eno, the band's fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008), was critically acclaimed, winning several Grammy Awards for which it was nominated, at the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony. The band's fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, released on October 24, 2011, also garnered positive reviews, hit number one in 34 countries and became the UK's best-selling rock album of 2011. In March 2014, it was announced that the new Coldplay album was named Ghost Stories and will be released on May 19.

Their new album “Music of the Spheres” is out on October 15. The group, which will go on a world tour with their new album, has released their concert dates. Let's check out the new album together.

They prepared the album with the concept of planet. According to the concept, there is a new alphabet and new planets. Song names are indicated with this new alphabet and planets. 3 songs have been released from the album so far; “Higher Power”, “Coloratura” and “My Universe”.

If we look at the concept, the parts shared from the songs that will be released, it seems like it will be a different and colorful work. As far as we know, 2 artists/groups performed a duet with Coldplay as part of the album. BTS with "My Universe" and Selena Gomez with "Let Somebody Go". They came as a shock to many when they were first heard.

These days, the old/new Coldplay difference will probably be talked about frequently. Those who follow closely know that Coldplay became more active and colorful after the album “Viva la Vida”.

But could they achieve this popularity by standing in their line? It will be enough to look at the album “Everyday Life”. They made an album in the old Coldplay style in 2019. They explained it with a very nice concept and even broadcast it live in Jordan. But then, this album received little attention and the songs were hardly listened/watched. After this incident, they are not wrong about their decision to impersonate their colored identities. It's obvious what people are interested in.

The 10-country tour, which will end in Rio de Janeiro in September, will be Coldplay's first tour in nearly five years. Announcing its decision not to go on a world tour in 2019 due to 'climate crisis concerns', Coldplay will make a worldwide impact with this environmentally friendly tour. The group will plant a tree for every ticket sold as part of the tour to be held in 2022. The electricity needed to hold the concerts will also come from a dance floor that generates energy when the audience jumps. There will also be bikes that produce kinetic energy on the track. The band's lead singer Chris Martin expressed the seriousness of the eco-tour in an interview with the BBC: "When we say jump, we're going to really need it because otherwise all the lights will go out. The whole show will run on renewable energy"

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