Notre Dame Musical Tickets

Notre Dame Musical Tickets

The immortal work of Victor Hugo; The Hunchback of Notre Dame musical continues to meet its audience.

In the play, the ugly and hunchbacked church bellboy Quasimodo and the spiritual and religious leader of France Claude Frollo and the King's commander Phoebus' love for Esmeralda, the gypsy girl living in the neighborhood, the dilemmas and reactions of the Zangoç and the Priest in their souls are romanticized. Turkish musical that impresses with its dances that approach

Quasimodo; He is someone who makes fun of his ugliness, is afraid of him, does not interfere with the people, does not consider what people say as a mockery or curse, and his hatred for people grows every day. One day he meets Esmeralda and falls in love with her.

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